About Us

Who are we?

Little Neetchers is about healthy families and is run by my family. I (Joy) and my husband Joshua do the daily tasks of working at the store front, putting together orders, ordering products, and answering all your email and phone questions. Our 4 kids (8, 6, 3, 15 months) help in their various ways, from greeting people at the store, helping pick products other kids will love, to testing which cloth diapers really are the best. All of their 4 bums have helped us find the best cloth diapers on the market. 

Joy Herbert 
Little Neetchers is named after our first son, it was his nickname!

The Best Diapers
We have tested and tried over 50 different diapers over the last 7 years and decided to only sell the diapers that we felt will work the best on your babies. We have effectively selected the absolute best diapers that have proven to be reliable against wear and tear and leaking. Over the last 5 years we have even stopped selling some brands that did not live up to their expectations. All the diapers Little Neetchers sells have been used and are being used (some for over 4 years!) personally by us. If you have questions about any brands we don't carry, feel free to ask!

What we Support
Little Neetchers is about helping our community. We do our best to support local nonprofits in our area that serve our community through providing safe places, free clothing, blankets and diapers to babies in need. We want our business to help make a difference in other little one's lives and teach our kids the importance of giving.

Little Neetchers is about education. We LOVE educating other parents about the benefits of cloth diapers as well as baby wearing. When you come in our store you can expect to get your questions answered. We LOVE showing parents how to use the different types of diapers and baby carriers.